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Antenna Application Issues


Q: Can I paint the antenna base coils, and if so, with what type of
A: Antenna Specialists base coil material is UV-stabilized, extruded PVC. We recommend using a Sherwin Williams material known as "Polane T". This paint can be used for all of Antenna Specialists radomes and base coils without electrical degradation. Just make sure you do not use colors that have been loaded with zinc or other metallic particles used for colorization. Allen Telecom Inc. also specifies this paint for metallic enclosures on our system products as well.

Q: The newer cement trucks are using all fiber glass cab construction. What is the best reinforcement procedure for the fiber glass roof and is there something that can be done to create isolation between the radio and the antenna?
A: A metallic plate placed behind the fiber glass roof will help to restrain the antenna mount. This plate will not have an adverse affect on the "No-Ground-Plane" antenna's performance. We suggest using the thick roof mount, K794.

Q: Radios being equipped are the latest "state-of-the-art" digital, frequency-synthesized (non-crystal) version. The antenna output exceeds 30 watts and it is shutting down the radio, due to microphone feedback. Why?
A: The new radios may not be properly shielded and certainly may be very sensitive to the fact that they are in the "near field" of the antenna without the usual isolation provided by the metal roof. There are only two antenna options here:   1) Move the antenna farther away and experiment/iterate several locations on the truck to isolate (by distance) the radio from the antenna, or 2) lay a continuous lining of copper screen material on the interior of the fiber glass roofline. Ensure that the screen is well grounded to the antenna mount and it would also be recommended to electrically ground the screen at several locations to any structural chassis around the perimeter of a truck cab frame.

Q: I have a '97 Honda Accord with an in-glass AM/FM antenna. There is a small location near the antenna that I can mount a VHF "On-Glass" antenna.  Is this OK? (Antenna model is AP-143.)
A: We do not recommend mounting any high power radio near in-glass" AM/FM antennas. Coupling could occur between the "On-Glass" antenna and the AM/FM antenna, which could damage the AM/FM receiver. We suggest placing the "On-Glass" antenna on a fixed rear side vent or front windshield. If mounting on the front windshield, be aware of the more recently used metallic content of various automobile glass.

Q: What is the proper way to mount and install both the ASP-930 and ASPB574 on a fiber glass roof of an ambulance?
A: Separate the two antennas physically as far apart as the installation permits without obstruction from the light bar, etc… For the fiber glass roof, we recommend backing the mounted antenna with a metal plate for reinforcement. Nominally, a 12" square or 12" diameter groundplane beneath the fiber glass will be sufficient to match the VSWR on the 800 MHz ASP 930. As for the ASPB574 (150 MHz), a metallic screen should be laminated behind the fiber glass to provide sufficient groundplane. This screen can be either aluminum and the backing plate should also be aluminum, so as not to promote corrosion. The backing plate should be placed below the screen so that when the antenna is drawn tight, the screen is sandwiched between the roof and the plate, providing good ground contact. The screen surface area should be as close to a 4- by 4-foot area as possible.

Q: Could we issue a statement regarding the intended use of the repeater?
A: The ActiveLink has been designed and FCC-approved for mobile-vehicular applications and single user only.

Q: How does the ASPM1954 (or any PCS vehicular antenna) plug into a PCS phone?
A: Many PCS phone manufacturers are not including a mobile antenna adapter in the phone. Users will need to purchase a car kit through their local carrier/retailer/installer. The antenna will plug into the car kit and the phone may then be snapped into the car kit when being used inside the vehicle.

Q: Your Mosaic product literature only lists the K-220 magnet mount for use with these antennas. I need a heavier duty magnet mount. Can I use the K-350 series magnet mount with my Mosaic conversion antenna?
A: Yes, but be sure to use the K-350 model only that comes supplied with a UHF, PL-259 connector. The K-350 is designed to also mate with land mobile and low band base loaded coil-type antennas that utilize a 5/8"-24 thread. These models include, but are not limited to, ASPS177, ASP-268, etc. By using the black plastic adapter, the mount can be mated to the ASP-7495, ASP-7925 and ASP-795 conversion antennas, as well.

Do not use the K350N, K350M, K350T or K350P magnet mounts, though. These magnet mounts incorporate the use of the Antenna Specialists male/female mount and will not mate with the Mosaic base coils (K-722, K-725, KT722 or KH725). The K350N, K350M, K350T or K350P magnet mounts are recommended for 800/900 MHz conversion antennas such as ASPA1865, ASPD1865 and ASPG1865.




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