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Saudi Arabia, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
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The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
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Distance Education Glossaries


  • Catalyst Glossary
    Common computing and technology terms are defined in relation to the University of Washington's Catalyst site. Catalyst is an integrated collection of resources, training, tools, templates, and support to help educators make effective use of technology in teaching.

  • Distance Learning Glossary
    This relatively short list makes distictions among terms such as distance learning, distance education, distributed learning, online learning, e-learning, etc. Provided by, the descriptions are brief and often interlink to other terms within the glossary.

  • is a wiki based site with almost a half million terms. Access to terms is via a simple alphabetical listings, but a keyword search is also available. This is a multilingual site, so alphabets and terms are offered in many languages. Terms provide links to other terms, external resources, even chat options. There are many non-distance education terms included in this huge site, but for example, there are dozens of terms relating to video, web, etc. Content is contributed by multiple authors.

  • Glossary of Distance Education Terminology
    This guide is one in a series developed by Barry Willis and the University of Idaho Engineering Outreach staff highlighting information detailed in Dr. Willis' books, Distance Education - Strategies and Tools and Distance Education - A Practical Guide. The glossary has been recently revised.

  • Glossary of Telecommunications Terms
    The Telecom Glossary 2000 project was approved as an American National Standard in February 2001. The intent is to provide a uniform, up-to-date set of definitions for the general terminology used in telecommunications. The purpose of this standard is to aid interdisciplinary technical communications, and to disseminate the advances in communications technologies benefiting users, vendors, researchers, and developers. Additionally, this standard provides an authoritative source of definitions for standards developers, teachers, technical writers, and all who are active in the telecommunications field.

  • Glossary of Terms
    The Illinois Online Learning Network provides a glossary as part of the overview to Online Teaching and Learning site.

  • Internet2 Glossary and Style Guide
    The Internet2 Consortium has identified and defined a list of terms common the computer networking field. The included terms are listed by acronym, abbreviation, or entire phrase. The glossary is an effort to help explain and provide a better understanding of the ever-present jargon which is associated with computer technology. A Style Guide is also provided to serve as a reference for use of terms.

  • IP Videoconferencing Glossary
    Developed by the Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System (IHETS) this glossary is a collection of terms relating specifically to IP Video.

  • Newsweek's Glossary Terms
    Brief definitions of several dozen terms mostly include general education listings (such as 'elective courses' and 'advanced standing') as well as some distance education specific terms ('asynchronous communication' and 'videoconference').

  • TechEncyclopedia
    From the TechWeb Web site, the TechEncyclopedia provides searchable access to over 20,000 IT and computer terms. The definitions often include detailed descriptions and explanations of the term, how it is used, and an opportunity to search the term on the Web. Top Ten terms are also displayed.

  • TECHtionary
    This dictionary uses extensive animation to help describe terms used in telecommunications, data communications, networking and internet technologies. New tutorials are added and are readily available from the site. Except for the letter 'A', TECHtionary is available only to paid subscribers.

  • Telecom Acronyms
    This list of telecommunications acronyms relates primarily to T1, DS3, and STS-1 SONET telecommunications, but has been steadily growing to include a broader range of telecom subjects. It is provided by Electrodata, Inc.

  • Training
    This site is a wiki. It is an interactive dictionary of hundreds of training terms designed for the training community. Terms and definitions can be added to or updated by any visitor to the site. Sources and definitions vary and are not always identified, but any visitor may register to be a site contributor. Acknowlegement is made to the "trainers and ASTD professionals who contributed to this site."

  • Web Hosting Glossary
    The glossary of provided by Web Hosting Ratings includes not only a wide range of web related and IT terms, but some non-technical acronynms often found in chats and online communications. The glossary provides unique links to each of the terms defined.

  • Webopedia
    Webopedia is an online dictionary and search engine of computer and Internet technology. It is a comprehensive collection of definitions, applications, resources, and vendors which can be searched by key word or phrase. Browse categories such as Communications, Multimedia, Standards, Wireless Computing, etc. There is also a section of newly added terms which keep this collection up-to-date.




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 Alrashid Cyber Mall, member of The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi arabia, arabian gulf and middle east area.
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The Saudi Network, Trade and business information and links to
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