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Video on Demand
ADSL Application Notes

The Challenge
Imagine having the ability to access any video program that you are interested in whenever you want to view it. You could watch a new first run movie or view your favorite movie classic. You could take a video-training course from the best instructors in your chosen field of study. You could take a video tour of your dream home or electronically visit a vacation spot to see if it is the right one for you. You can take an electronic drive in the car that captures your interest or go on line and play the latest video game. Imagine that you can do all of that and more over your existing telephone line and still be able to place and receive telephone calls at the same time.

The Solution
Video on demand is no longer just a figment of your imagination. It is real and it will be available to you soon using Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) technology. ADSL technology turns your ordinary telephone line into a high bandwidth communications channel. The ADSL technology is applied to the copper wire that connects your business or residence to your local telephone service provider. Up to 8Mbps of video data can be sent to your location over ADSL equipment. This can be accomplished simultaneously with independent telephone traffic over the same copper loop.

Filters applied at both ends of the copper loop assure high quality voice traffic. The video information is sent as data at a frequency that is higher than the voice frequency band. By placing this video traffic at the higher frequency you get dual use out of the copper. This is very important, as there is not enough copper deployed to provide separate facilities to all of the potential customers. It is not likely that customers would give up their telephone service to get video on demand. The filters would be placed at the building entrance and at the protector block in the telephone company central office. The ADSL equipment will be provided in the form of a modem or as an expan-sion card for the customer's PC. It could also be provided as part of a television set top box or a network computer. Video on demand can occur in either or both the PC and TV environment.

By attaching the ADSL equipment to an Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) backbone network, you will be able to access video content form any server in the world that is also attached to the network. The Internet core network is now being converted to an ATM switch fabric. An ATM fabric is ideal from mix voice, video and data traffic. ADSL Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexes (DSLAMs) are equipped with highspeed ATM ports, which can connect directly to the core switched network.

The video will be providing in digital format using a Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) encoder. An MPEG decoder located in your computer or set top box will convert the content back into a high quality video program. In fact, MPEG video encoding can provide studio quality video.

Telephone companies have conducted numerous ADSL trials globally. These trials have proven that ADSL works well in video-on-demand applications. With highspeed ADSL service it will be possible to view both stored and streaming video. You will be able to tune into CNN from your PC or connect to stored video resident on a specific server.

The Benefits
When is the best time for you to learn? Is it mornings, evenings or weekends? Can you afford to go to the best universities to get the training you need? Video on demand will allow you to attend courses when you are best able to absorb the information. It also can bring the instructor to you instead of the other way around.

Video on demand will tap into the power of the Internet. You will be able to download video clips off the World Wide Web and stream the video real time. This will fundamentally change the ways that companies communicate with their customers. Advertising, sales, customer training and shopping will be dramatically affected by video on demand.

In this fast paced world it has become increasingly difficult for individuals to schedule their time efficiently. It is no longer necessary to schedule your time around some prescheduled programming. Video on demand puts the control in the user's hands. You get the programming at your convenience when you want it. You will be able to make the choices that suit your individual needs. ADSL and video on demand will positively change the ways that you work, educate and entertain yourself.




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