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Saudi Arabia, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
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The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
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Nova Stars Information Services, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi arabia, arabian gulf and middle east area.
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InfoPoint features




Internet, in-house information channels, in-house messaging, e-mail, regular television, possible advertising revenue - all this requires only one media: INFOPOINT BY NSES

We have designed InfoPoint specifically for use by educational facilities, schools, hospitals, industry, public buildings and any other commercial entity needing internal information channels.

System Description

InfoPoint is an effective tool to increase information awareness within today's organisations. Providing a distributed network for displaying colourful, animated and visually attractive information pages, InfoPoint allows for sequenced display of multiple sources, including internal HTML pages, Internet content, and live Video / Audio.

An Interactive multimedia information broadcast network for the new millennium. Providing a centrally controlled interactive audio/video broadcast network, with Internet / Intranet connectivity. InfoPoint gives scheduled broadcast 24 / 7, with automated screen changes, programmed screen updates and web access. A simple quality solution to easily control all your information and video broadcast requirements.

With the application of industry standard HTML screens and file formats, all employees are empowered to create content for the InfoPoint system. Standard Web screens can be used to publicise future events, new staff, cafeteria menus etc. InfoPoint uses the industry standard HTML formats, it is therefore possible to take advantage of the free resources available from Internet, such as images, photos, graphics, art work etc. InfoPoint content is broadcast via large TV display units designed with an ergonomic and eye pleasing construction. Integrated loudspeakers allow for audio playback, including digital audio files, radio and music. InfoPoint display terminals include the latest TV display technology, along with a powerful network computer to handle all local data processing. This integrated technology incorporates all the required hardware in one easy to maintain unit.

Centralised control is extremely effective when using the control software supplied, allowing complete management of TV status, including power, volume and most importantly screen content.

InfoPoint provides a totally unique solution for a corporate closed circuit TV (CCTV) broadcast network. Display screens can be used on a stand alone basis, either for broadcast TV, Video on demand, or for WWW browsing.

Providing video and audio broadcast, the InfoPoint network will serve as an effective Public Address system, allowing video / audio content. Broadcasts can be targeted at specific displays, either individually or on a "zone by zone" basis. With an interface to existing PA systems and central clock systems, InfoPoint integrates many existing systems into one simple platform.

Particularly suitable for educational establishments, the InfoPoint system provides each room and open area with an information display point. Suitable for regular TV and Video usage, the InfoPoint network handles period change signals, fire alarms, school notices, and Internet content - such as the school's web site or external news sources.

The distributed displays are also perfect for the morning video broadcast from the principal or head teacher, along with TV news broadcasts, news flashes and radio broadcasts.

Tecnical specifications

  • The operating system for the server is Windows NT 4.0 WS. Controlling and configuring the system can be done with a standard Web browser that is connected to the same network as the InfoPoint system. User priviledges can be defined through user access passwords.
  • Cabling of the Infopoint system can be done using CAT5 or antenna cabling. In the case of CAT5 the TV and the server is equipped with Ethernet cards and in the case of Antenna cabling with cable modems.
  • An antenna network that is used with the cable modem must be according to the EN 50083-10 standard. The return path range is 5-65 MHz. The lower S-band S2 to S7 is reserved for data communication.
  • The TV's are centrally programmed from the server.
  • For announcements, camcorder video and remotely controlled VCRs, the antenna network must be equipped with an adequate amount of RF modulators.
  • The Internet connection will be provided to the TVs either through using an ISDN modem, router or through the network of the property. An ISP connection will be sourced locally.




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