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TV Glossary



TV Glossary

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  • 2-way speakers One speaker box contains two separate speaker elements of which the first one is for low and the other one for high tones. This solution produces improved sound quality.

  • 3D Sound Three dimensional sound. See also Virtual Dolby Surrond.

  • 4:3, 16:9 TV picture formats (ratio between picture width and height). 4:3 is a traditional TV picture format and 16:9 is a wide screen (movie) format.

  • 50 Hz / 100 Hz In 50 Hz TV sets the picture is displayed 50 times per second. In 100 Hz TV sets the picture is displayed 100 times per second thus the human eye can not see any flicker.


  • ACI (Automatic Channel Installation) Some cable networks offer this service to install TV channels automatically. With ACI all channels can be stored to memory in a predefined order. This installation method is very fast because programme search is only needed to find the ACI transmission which then takes care of the rest.

  • AES (Automatic Equalization System) Memory place (programme) related adjustment for contrast and volume. With AES each programme can be adjusted to produce equal picture and volume level independent from the received signal level.

  • APS (Automatic Programming System) Automatic channel search which stores all available programmes automatically.

  • APSi (Automatic Program Search, sorting and channel Identification) Automatic channel search which stores, names and arranges all available programmes automatically.

  • ASO Plus Picture enhancement system which sharpens video picture significantly.

  • Audio line-out With this connection the TV can be connected to an external audio amplifier i.e. to home stereo equipment.

  • Auto Head Cleaning Automatic cleaning of video heads. Ensures that when playback starts the heads are clean and will produce a good picture.

  • AutoPilot A marketing name for built-in electronic user manual. See also EUM.

  • AV-link AV-link allows communication between a TV and VCR (both equipped with AV-link), for instance TV tuning to be copied to VCR or vice versa.

  • AWB, Adjustable White Balance Allows base color temperature to be adjusted (warm - cold).


  • Balance Sound level adjustment between left and right speaker.

  • Bass Low sound tones. See also treble.

  • Black Matrix Picture tube technique to improve the picture contrast. Thin light absorbing (non reflecting) stripes prevents light from reflecting back.

  • Blank Tape Search VCR searches automatically for occurences of blank tape positions to start recording from.


  • Chassis A complete TV apparatus.

  • Child Lock Locks the local control unit of a video or a TV set so that it can not be used without the remote control.

  • Coding Satellite and cable operators often transmit chargeable programmes which are coded to avoid illegal watching. Watching is possible with a suitable decoding device. (see D2MAC, eurocrypt).

  • Comb Filter Picture enhancement system to better distinguish vertical details. A Horizontal resolution of 400 lines and the elimination of possible disturbances in the picture can be achieved with a comb filter.

  • Contrast Ratio between black and white in the picture.

  • CTI (Colour Transient Improvement) Picture enhancement system to prevent for instance blue and red colour overlapping. This makes colour borders sharper and more clear.

  • Cursor Control Television functions can be controlled with four arrow keys (cursors) on the remote control (up, down, left, right)


  • Decoder A device to handle a coded signal, "system interpreter". For instance a Dolby Pro Logic decoder divides a coded stereo signal to four channel surround sound.

  • Digital Scan Even with 100 Hz technology small details of a picture may flicker. Digital Scan reduces flickering of horizontal lines and stabilizes the picture.

  • DMD (Digital Micromirror Device) A display device utilizing the micromirror technology.

  • DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction) See Noise reduction.

  • Dolby Pro Logic Four channel audio system (left, right, arab, rear) to produce multi channel sound as heard in cinemas. Decodes audio signal actively to position the sound.

  • D-Mac, D2MAC Satellite signal transmission and reception standard. To receive this signal a D2MAC receiver is required.

  • DVD (Digital Video/Versatile Disc) CD sized disk to which sound, picture and/or data can be stored.

  • Dynamic Focus Ensures sharp picture for the whole tube area.

  • Dynamic Contrast Ordinary contrast adjusts the whole picture independently from the original picture contrast. Dynamic contrast adjusts the picture based on the picture contents. See also Contrast.



  • Fasttext, FLOF text (Full Level One Feature) Teletext where pages are grouped with topics i.e. news, sports etc. Pages can be browsed with colour buttons on the remote control.

  • Favorite Page Teletext page which the user can store to be retrieved with a single press of a colour button.


  • Gamma Correction Method to distinguish details better in the dark areas of a picture.

  • Guestlink Advanced interactive hotel-TV system. In addition to traditional services like pay-TV, wake-up and messaging, Guestlink also offers many additional advanced features.


  • HDTV High Definition Television. HDTV picture format is 16:9 (widescreen) and it has 1125 horizontal lines. In Japan HDTV is known as HiVision.

  • Hertz (Hz) Frequency unit (cycles per second).

  • Hypersonic See Panorama Sound.


  • Ideal function User selectable presets for picture contrast and brightness; night-daylight-normal.

  • Instant text Teletext which can store 512 text pages. Instantly displays memorized text pages when page number is selected.

  • Invar mask When the tube is very dark, brightness has to be increased by increasing the current. High current heats the mask and causes the mask to "bend" which can be seen in the picture as so called dooming. Invar material, a hybrid of iron and nickel resists thermal expansion of the shadow mask. This allows the picture tube to be operated at higher voltages for increased focus and brightness without sacrificing color purity.


  • Low power standby In standby mode the energy consumption is only 0,1 W / hour which decreases the total power consumption significantly.

  • LP (Long Play) Record and playback tape speed is halved to allow i.e. 8 hours to be recorded on a 4 hour tape. (See also SP.)

  • LTI Luminance Transient Improvement. Picture enhancement system to sharpen picture between different colour areas.


  • Megatext Megatext is a teletext circuit which is also used to produce impressive and clear on screen displays.

  • Micro Power See Low Power Standby.

  • Mid-Mount Video recorder which has the video cassette in the middle of it. This mechanism allows the cassette to be better braced thus making the tape run steady producing a better picture.

  • Multi standard TV or video which accepts different colour standards (e.g. PAL, SECAM, NTSC) and sound standards (e.g. BG, DK).


  • NC Net Computer, network computer. A computer which does not have a mass storage media but uses all the programs directly from the network.

  • NICAM Digital sound transmission standard which enables stereo and bilingual transmissions.

  • Noise Reduction Quite often noise in the picture is caused by a weak antenna signal or a bad video tape. Noise reduction makes the picture more clear.

  • NTSC Originally American TV colour standard. Nowadays used in the USA and in Japan.

  • NexTView Built-in system to view programme information on TV. Programme information is received as a part of teletext transmission and it can include information for programmes on many channels up to two weeks from now.


  • OEM Original Equipment Manufacturing. Creating products with customers brand names.

  • OSD On Screen Display.


  • Page memory Teletext pages which are stored in the memory.

  • PAL Most common TV colour standard used in Europe.

  • PAL Plus European TV standard for widescreen (16:9) transmission.

  • Panorama sound / Stereo wide / Hypersonic Gives more depth to normal stereo sound. Also widens and strengthens mono sound.

  • PDC Program Delivery Control. PDC is a system to make recording a certain program easier. PDC tells the video recorder the exact start and end times of a program even if there has been changes in the programme schedule. Recording will always start at the right time and end at the right time.

  • Picture format switching Allows the picture format to change between 16:9 and 4:3

  • PIP (Picture In Picture) Small picture which is on top of the normal TV picture. PIP can be used for viewing another TV programme, video or satellite programme etc.



  • Realtime Counter Shows playback time on video recorder.

  • RC Remote Control.

  • RGB Red-Green-Blue. Signal transmission standard where red, green and blue information is transmitted separately to improve picture quality.


  • S-VHS Super-VHS. Advanced VHS video standard with better picture quality. Special S-VHS video tapes and S-VHS video recorders are required.

  • Satellite antenna, Satellite dish Dish shaped outdoor antenna which is used for receiving programmes from satellites. Dish size (diameter) varies depending on the location and in Finland is 60-240 cm. Some programmes can be received with even smaller dishes.

  • Satellite receiver Video recorder sized device which is required for programme reception from satellites.

  • SCART, EURO connector Versatile connection to connect a TV with a video recorder, game console, satellite receiver etc. Enhances picture quality and enables stereo playback from external devices.

  • SECAM French TV colour standard which is commonly used also in many east European countries including Hungary and Czech republic.

  • Sharpness Sharpness adjustment clarifies pictures details and border areas.

  • ShowView Video recorder programming system which is based on number codes published in TV guides and magazines.

  • Simulcast Simultaneous broadcasting with TV and radio.

  • Sleep Timer Sleep timer automatically switches the TV set off after a certain time.

  • Software Program which controls the TV functions.

  • SP (Standard Play) Normal tape speed for video recording and playback. (See also LP.)

  • Subwoofer An additional bass speaker which produces a rich powerful bass sound with the lowest sound tones.

  • SVM Scan Velocity Modulation. Picture enhancement system which sharpens picture in areas where black and white are near each other. Especially makes small details more clear.


  • Teletext Teletext is a group of text pages transmitted with the normal television programme signal. These pages can be read with a TV set which has teletext function. First regular teletext transmissions were from BBC in Great Britain in the 1974.

  • Teletext Level 2.5 Enhanced teletext. Enables better graphics with 4096 colours and full screen displays. Most of the teletext transmissions are currently at level 1.5.

  • TOP text Teletext where pages are grouped with topics i.e. news, sports etc. Pages can be browsed with colour buttons on the remote control or from a special TOP-index. Commonly used in Germany.

  • Treble High sound tones. See also bass.


  • UHF / VHF Transmission frequency areas.

  • UIF User interface.




  • Zoom

    Allows users to select a suitable picture format to fill the screen even if the transmitted picture would otherwise leave black areas at the top and bottom part of the screen.




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