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Saudi Arabia, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
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The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
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Nova Stars Information Services, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi arabia, arabian gulf and middle east area.
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VoIP Enterprise Links
VoIP how-to for IT/telecom managers.

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Alcatel (Calabasas, CA - 818-880-3500, OmniPCX 4400; INT-IP cards, 60 channels.

A single OmniPCX can support up to 5,000 users, 4,000 of which may be IP phones, and up to 2,000 VoIP trunks. These endpoints may be any mix of IP, analog, or digital distributed across 100 separate media gateways. Up to 100 OmniPCXs may be networked together to support a virtual PBX of 50,000 users with full feature transparency.

AltiGen (Fremont, CA - 510-252-9712, Altiserv; Triton VoIP card, 30 channels.

VoIP trunking has been part of AltiServ since version 3.5 of its AltiWare system software. With version 4.5, AltiGen adds on multi-site management, turning this prototypical comm server into full-fledged PBX. Its new Distributed Intelligence Network Architecture (DINA) lets administrators manage move-add-changes and voicemail accounts of remote AltiServs through a single control point. Updates are immediately synchronized over the IP network.

Artisoft (Cambridge, MA -617-354-0600, TeleVantage; Intel's DM IPLink, 30 channels.

By working with off-the-shelf hardware (NT-platform and Intel/ Dialogic cards), this granddaddy of softswitches has managed to bundle together an enormous number of features and applications. When they're ready, customers turn on individual applications and services, like VoIP, ACD, unified messaging, by purchasing soft keys.

Avaya (Basking Ridge, NJ - 908-563-6000, Definity ESC; C-LAN and Prowler cards, 32 channels.

To IP-enable a Definity, you add C-LAN (for H.323 signaling) and Prowler (for media stream) cards. But, to move to the next level - a softswitch architecture of distributed PBX components - you slide in an IPSI (IP System Interface) card and remove the Definity's CPU. The Definity then becomes a gateway (for digital sets and trunking) with the call control smarts instead handled by a separate Avaya S8700 Media Server. Branch offices can position Avaya's smaller S8100 or S8300 Media Server for local call control and VoIP gateway functionality. Definitys and Media Servers support feature transparency across the WAN.

Comdial (Saratoga, Florida - 800-266-3425, FX II; Media Resource Board, 24 channels.

Released in April, the FX II was designed to support existing Comdial digital phones (Impact SCS and Classic) and to be a starting point for VoIP. Up to 240 IP channels are available for both VoIP trunking (up to 14 sites) and for its new iPrimo IP station set. Comdial's proprietary, non-H.323 PBX-PBX IP networking protocol supports complete feature transparency.

ESI (Plano, TX - 800-374-0422, IVX 128 Plus; RNC12, twelve channels.

ESI has been carefully evolving their IVX key systems so that features aren't sacrificed with the transition to VoIP. With their new ESI-Link PBX-PBX networking software, their IP-enabled IVX 128, pure IP IP-200, and IP Feature Phone can all be part of one large virtual key system. ESI-Dex speed dialing, voicemail, and busy lamp fields operate transparently across a network of up to 100 nodes.

Inter-Tel (Tempe, AZ - 480-449-8900, Axxess; IP Networking Module (external), 23 channels.

Inter-Tel went its own way with its IP-based PBX-PBX networking: They are one of the few not to rely on H.323 transport for their VoIP trunking. Axxess supports complete feature transparency across an IP cloud containing up to 63 nodes.

Iwatsu (Carlstadt, NJ - 201-935-8580, ADIX APS; OKI BS1200, four channels.

ADIX's VoIP networking comes two ways: the internal OKI gateway to network PBXs (full features) or the MCK EXTender series for linking digital phones at branch offices to a central PBX. Iwatsu is working toward a more integrated solution, actively developing its own internal IP gateway card that will network remote PBXs.

Mitel Networks (Kanata, Ontario, Canada - 613-592-2122, SX-2000 Light and ICP 3200; 3800 IP Trunking Gateway, 30 or 60 channels.

Available as an internal card for ICP 3200 and a fiber connected external server for the 2000 Light, Mitel's gateway makes the IP pipe look like just another trunk. Call-by-call selection of codecs (G.729 and G.726) ensures optimal utilization of bandwidth. The 3800 supports Mitel's MSDN PBX networking protocol so that PBX features can be accessed across the WAN.

NEC (Irving, TX - 800-832-6632, NEAX 2400; IPX trunk card, 16 channels.

IPX trunk and line cards IP-enable the TDM-based NEAX 2400, turning it into the 2400 IPX. The latest version of NEAX IPX supports voice switching on the LAN/WAN, just like a pure IP PBX. NEC's PH (protocol handler) card would then be required to manage the endpoint connections, with the IPX trunk card assigned to IP-POTS translations. The trunk capacity of a single IPX scales up to 199 VoIP channels. Through NEC's proprietary PBX-PBX networking protocol, called Fusion, features are available across the IP cloud.

Nortel (Richardson, TX - 972-684-1000, Meridian 1; ITG trunk card, 32 channels.

The ITG trunk card supports Nortel's proprietary MCDN PBX-PBX networking, for full PBX features over the network. Multiple ITG cards bring the total number of VoIP channels to 384 per trunk group. Planned for release in January 2003, version 3.0 of the ITG will introduce peer-to-peer connections between IP endpoints -switching done entirely in the LAN - and internetworking to Nortel's Succession CSE 1000 pure IP PBX.

Siemens (Reston, VA - 800-765-6123, HiPath 4000s; HG 3550, 30 channels.

Start out with TDM and then move to VoIP trunk and stations (optiPoint 400/600 phones) by adding the 3550 integrated IP gateway to the HiPath 4300, 4500, or 4900. The 3550 supports CorNet IP for PBX feature transparency across a network of over 200 nodes.

Toshiba (Irvine, CA - 949-583-3700, Strata CS; Intel/Dialogic Internet Telephony Board, 24 channels

The Strata CS is the comm server version of the Toshiba Strata DK line. Latest version 4.0 supports both existing digital phones and H.323-compliant IP phones (notably Polycom's SoundPoint IP 400), as well as VoIP trunking through an integrated gateway.

Vertical Networks (Sunnyvale,CA - 408-523-9700, InstantOffice; IP Telephony Solution, four or eight channels.


ShoreTel Sky the modern phone system for today’s agile, mobile and always-on company. While other cloud-communications companies have added business VoIP services as an afterthought, hosted VoIP is the heart of ShoreTel Sky.



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