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Saudi Arabia, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
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The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
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Nova Stars Information Services, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi arabia, arabian gulf and middle east area.
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Why Hire NSIS?



To be a truly competitive force in today’s business world requires current technical knowledge and a wealth of business related experience in the telecommunication areas to be resolved. This is particularly true when issues of strategic planning, transition and commitment of capital budget require management to be well informed and to clearly understand the technical tradeoffs, various cost versus benefit factors, as well as the risks and rewards of acquiring a new telecommunications capability or upgrading and existing infrastructure. We have the necessary skills and experience and this is why Corporations and Government organizations have turned to NSIS for help.

Organizations turn to NSIS for many good reasons:

  • Lack of the required technical expertise in complex telecommunications and networking issues. More than a “hired gun” to come in to identify and resolve a problem in a timely and cost effective manner, NSIS is often  engaged to provide a unique mix of subject matter knowledge about the technological  choices and system design solutions available from among the many leading industry vendors, to advise and guide your staff on matters of project planning, system or service acquisition, and to support actual network implementation and transition to successful operational service.

  • Not having the time or people to devote to these issues, because those resources are committed to conducting the core business of your company.  We free up your valuable human resources by stepping in and becoming an integral part of your project team from day one onward. 

  • The need for the fresh views and unbiased approach of an objective outsider -- a perspective that company personnel can’t see because they are too close to the situation or have been overwhelmed with proposals and capabilities by equipment vendors and service providers.  Our many years of experience in this business has taught us how to cut through the chaff and focus on what's important to you and what's not.

  • NSIS bridges the gap between where your organization is and where it needs to go to be a competitive force in the business world. Whether your business is large or small with a domestic or a global reach we can provide the professional expertise in strategic telecommunications planning, network design, system acquisition support, and in full life cycle project management you require. Through telecommunications technology we can take your business to a higher and more prosperous level of performance.


Here are four convincing reasons to hire NSIS:

  1. NSIS is more objective. We are a totally independent consulting service firm with no business ties or affiliations with satellite or telecommunications equipment manufacturers or service providers. This unique position allows us to take a completely unbiased approach to the work we perform for our customers. The so-called free consulting provided by equipment manufacturers, systems integrators, and service providers often comes with a high price tag -- vendor biases and myopic technical solutions.

  2. NSIS either removes or substantially reduces the risk element. Dealing with equipment manufacturers and service providers directly can be very time-consuming, expensive, often frustrating, particularly if you lack current knowledge of the telecommunications industry and the latest technogical developments. Invariably, you will receive offers from vendors that are a single source solution tailored to match their product lines and to maximize their sales profits. We often discover that many organizations  waste long periods of time and financial resources investigating market sources for equipment and solutions and evaluating industry proposals that supposedly meet the customer's requirements. For a number of organizations  that took this type of approach NSIS was brought in later only to discover that the customer's network equipment or software didn't meet the flexibility, performance, and the cost of ownership or operation requirements they had expected from the vendor.

  3. NSIS can bring new ideas to your organization. During the course of our initial fact finding discussions with your key project staff we will carefully evaluate your goals, objectives, and ideas about your telecommunications requirements. At the same time, and as appropriate, we can offer new technical approaches for your consideration which you may not have considered or were not aware of.

  4. Putting NSIS on your team as your consultant allows you to do what you do best: Run your company.  With NSIS' support you can be sure that you will be getting the results you expect from us and at a reasonable price for our services. Through our close day-to-day association with your key project staff, plus our frequent status briefings, progress reports, and reviews of all contract deliverable documentation we will keep your management fully apprised of schedule performance, technical issues, budgetary matters, and in the decision making loop at all times.  




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